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HSE Design


HSE cuts across all disciplines involved in the design of equipment or process facilities during the various engineering phases of a project.


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HSE Design

Design aspect considers all environmental and safety engineering reviews and analyses in order to ensure that all concerns are adequately addressed.

  •  Improving the effectiveness of emergency planning and response capabilities.
  • Occupational Health Risk Assessment – Identifying and designing out occupational hazards
  • Evaluating asset risks in the event of fire and explosion hazards
  • Fire protection analysis including process facility fire protection adequacy reviews
  • Basic reliability assessments, using RBDs, event and fault tree assessments


A list of GOGERL’s project experience is outlined as follows:

Major Accident Prevention Documentation (MAPD) and Emergency Pipeline Contingency Plan (EPCP) preparation for Total E&P Angola (TEPA) Block 3 pipeline networks. The MAPD explains how major accidents caused by pipelines are prevented, including the risk impact of the hazards posed by the pipelines. 
The EPCP outlines procedures and steps to take in the event of major accidents to the platform risers and subsea pipelines.

Safety impact reviews of hazard management were carried out during early construction, major construction and pre-commissioning works of Borouge 2 chemical facility.

SIL Verification Study was carried out for the Al Khafji Onshore gas processing facility The reliability /availability study estimates the probability of failure of demand of IPF with respect to meeting required SIL targets.

Asset risk analysis for Margam Dubai Establishment (MDE) gas processing facility.

Health Risk Assessment (HRA) studies reviewing physical, chemical, biological etc hazards on personnel for Otumara Node facility

Reviewing the emergency rescue and response adequacy during the offshore facility design.